News – 30/11.2017

Please keep your eyes peeled over the next few days, our new brochure is finished and we are gradually distributing this to our Clinics. Please take note of our products page as we will be loading the new images soon. 
Our Facebook page will also be running a few specials. We have a few one off items / urns to sell at heavily discounted prices, and some proto type hand made Jarrah Photo Boxes available for purchase. 

News – 9/5/2017

We have recently posted on our Facebook page about grief. Please head over there and read our post if you are suffering from the loss of your beloved pet as this may help a little with the process of losing a loved one.  or please click the Facebook icon at the bottom of our webpage.

News – 1/5/2017

We have recently started a Finowen Pet Cremations Facebook Page. Please like us and share our page with Friends,Family and people whom you might think will require our Personalised Service. There will be little giveaways here and there to thank everyone for their support, we also have some seconds urns that will be available for purchase at  heavily discounted rates. We are also busy producing a special orders brochure  so stay tuned for this.

News – 5/01/2014

We are proud to announce that we have added a range of new items to our collection! We now have in stock brass urns with paw prints on them as well as memorial jewellery. You can see pictures of the new stock below.

News – 13/12/2014

Please note that during Christmas, we will be closed on Christmas day and Boxing Day. 

We will then resume trading until New Year’s Day. 

If you have a vital matter you need us to take care of, please leave us a message on our mobile phone. 

Please have a happy and safe Christmas.

We offer you compassion and care during this sad and difficult time. Call us at Finowen Pet Cremations today

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