Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Get My Pet's Ashes?

When you get your pet cremated with us at Finowen Pet Cremations, we handle each pet individually at every single stage of the cremation processes, the ashes that are returned to you are of your pet only.

Do I Bring My Pet to You?

Your veterinary clinic will be able to guide you in this matter. Usually we are able to pick your pet up from the clinic, however there will be times where we will need to collect your pet up from your home (home collection fees apply)  or you may be able to bring your pet to us. Please discuss this with us when you contact us.

Do I Need to Pick up My Pet's Ashes?

We return your pet’s ashes to either your veterinary clinic or to you at home.

How Long Will It Take for My Pet's Ashes to Be Returned?

We will return your pet’s ashes to you within ten days of us taking your pet from you, either at the veterinary clinic, or your house.

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