Welcome to Finowen Pet Cremations

Welcome to Finowen Pet Cremations. Our company, Finowen was created in 1991. We are a proudly family owned business. We caringly provide pet cremation services in Perth.

When you choose us at Finowen Pet Cremations, you can be assured that we are committed to providing you an outstanding level of customer service, care and sensitivity during this sad time in your life.

We assure you that when you entrust your beloved pet to us, we will ensure that your pet is treated with the upmost dignity and respect that they deserve whilst in our experienced and caring hands.

Our Services

We at Finowen Pet Cremations offer a range of services and products for you during this sad time in your life to make sure that the life of your beloved pet is remembered in a manner that  helps you remember the happy times. 

We offer to you a compassionate service collecting either from your home or chosen veterinarian. When we cremate your pet for individual cremation, the ashes you receive are of your pet only.
Selected pottery and wooden containers in our brochure for your pet’s ashes in are handmade and locally sourced in WA.

So if your pet has passed on, remember that we are here to help you. Please call us today at Finowen Pet Cremations. We will deliver the sensitive and compassionate care that you deserve during this sad time as we take care of your beloved pet.

What We Do

We at Finowen Pet Cremations are dedicated to providing you the best pet cremation service in Perth. We provide the caring service that only a small, family owned business such as ours can provide and excels at. 

If your beloved pet has passed on, please call us so we can advise you on the best care for your beloved pet.
Pet care

For sensitive and caring service in this tough time, call Finowen Pet Cremation today 9390 1706

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